Front Yard Landscaping Expert Tips

Whatever the size of your front yard is, it plays a key role in the curb appeal of your home. However, your landscaping goes far beyond just a lovely lawn. It must take into account your house’s design and scale, how it is situated on the property, how much sunshine the yard gets, and how it can be improved with plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees. 

Here are some expert tips from the professionals who do front yard landscaping El Cajon. They are going to help you a lot in making sure that your landscape is the envy of all your neighbors. Follow these tips and you’ll never go wrong.  

  1. Focus

Every view must follow that focal point of your landscape. The front door is usually the focal point. Play it and never hide it. If you’re thinking of adding plants like trees, find out how they could possibly frame your house’s front door when you approach it. 

  1. Ground covers

Ground coverings are the best alternative to grass because they are for low-maintenance. They give a smooth appearance because they are installed very low and they’re quite dense. They also encourage homeowners to add spring bulbs to the landscape. Ground covers hide dead leaves when bulbs start to bloom. Just find out what ground cover will work for your landscape. 

  1. Path 

Looking at the path from the walkway to the front door, always remember that it is human instinct to use the quickest route to you’re going. A curved track going to the front door may be nice, but it isn’t the best one. If you intend to send your visitors to a maze, plan tightly on either side of the path. Otherwise, make it straight and simple. 

  1. Foundation plants

Do not treat the plants like they are small soldiers lined up around your house’s perimeter. For two-story houses, the base plants should stretch from the foundation at least 8 feet away. Curved garden beds soften your house’s lines in the best possible way. Make sure that the shrubs closest to the house are not too large. 

  1. Privacy

If you want to add some sense of seclusion to your yard, find shrubs that offer a buffer. A barrier with several plants at different heights will do just as good as solid hedges or fences. But then, it’s more inviting. But if you just want to block the view of a room, then plant a few trees along that line. 

  1. Lighting

Houses are big structures that block most of the sunlight. If the house is facing north, there will never be any good lighting on your front yard. If it is facing west or east, for a certain part of the day, it will get some sun at some point. With those things in mind, be sure to make some good choices when getting plants. 

Follow these tips and ideas and you’ll definitely have a pretty front yard landscape that will be the envy of many. Don’t hesitate to work with professionals for more ideas.  


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Show Your Patriotism With These Wooden American Flag Ideas

One custom that people do on the 4th of July is to make wooden flags. While almost every person sees it as simply as one day norm, several individuals see it as an art piece that you can hang in your house.  

Because of that, we came up with several wooden American flag ideas that can help you show your patriotism this 4th of July.  

2×4 Flag Blocks 

This type of wooden American flag is part of the list since it only utilizes materials that are easy-to-buy. In addition to that, they are cheap and they are very easy to make.  

You can generally make this yourself. Once you are done, the end result will look extremely cute. That is why this is an excellent 4th of July crafts for your children.  

Wood Flag Wreath 

Though Independence Day is just a one-day celebration, the Wood Flag Wreath can be an excellent addition to your front deck. You can just purchase this wooden flag from a woodshop and start painting it the way you want it instead of struggling to make a wooden pallet.  

You’ll require a couple of cans of paint if you want to achieve this since several areas will require a heavier coat of paint. The most difficult part here is making the stars. However, you will eventually familiarize yourself once you figure out a way to make the first star. 

Dorese’s Pieces 

This art piece is really cute and somewhat unique. All you’ve got to do is to look for several scrap pieces of wood, and you are good to go. This is the reason why they are extremely fun to make.  

To achieve the antique look, it is recommended to utilize antique paints if you really want the flag to come out looking like an antique piece.  

Old Glory 

This art piece is perfect for individuals who like creating rustic pieces out of scrappy pieces. If you are one of these individuals, then Old Glory is your best bet.  

All you have to do is to look for rustic pieces of wood painted in 3 colors. This includes white, blue, and red. Use nails to attach these woods together and you will have your wooden flag ready to be displayed anywhere you want.  

Patriotic Pallet Flag 

This type of wooden American flag is extremely simple to create. All you have to do is to look for white, red, and blue paint, stencil stars, and several boards. Preparing the pallet is the only difficult thing you may face.  

It will only take you several minutes to get it properly for nailing and painting the stars. To attach the stars, it is best to utilize nails instead of glues. The reason for this is that the glue may not hold up in extensive heat. This is especially true if you’re going to display this piece outside your house.  

These are some of the most popular DIY wooden American flag ideas that you can do without breaking the bank.  

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